Week of March 10 – 14


Happy Pi Day! This week we finished up learning the concepts for the functions unit part 2. Now that we have learned all of the concepts it is time to assess what students have learned. The assessment will be on Monday March 24th. Next week will be spent reviewing the concepts and practicing. Below is a practice sheet for the skills needed on the assessment. We will also be giving a basic skills test shortly after the functions assessment. A review for that is posted below too.




We have been learning about propaganda techniques this week and will begin crafting a propaganda poster using some of those techniques next week. It will be due Friday March 21st. Along with the poster is an expository paragraph that explains the poster and its techniques. Below is the assignment sheet with poster requirements and an example of how to write that paragraph using a provided organizer.



Social Studies

This week in classes students were assigned to a political group based on a survey that placed them on a continuum from liberal to conservative. The political parties are now forming their platforms by researching different social and political issues with the goal of developing solutions agreed upon by the other members. Each group member plays the role of either Party Leader, Minister of the Environment, Minister of Health,  Minister of Economics, or Minister of Social Issues. Each member will develop a speech based on their research on a specific issue and the solutions they devise. To help with the research that needs to be done on virtual note cards in NoodleTools, Mr. Hamlin has provided links to find the needed information here. From those note cards they will need to create their speeches. Here is a link to an example speech with comments that got an exemplary grade last year. This can be very helpful in seeing the end product while still doing research and gathering ideas. Most students are expected to have the first body paragraph completed by Monday March 17th! The final draft will be due Friday March 21st by 8pm on the site Turnitin.com.


In Dr. Lacson’s class students this week worked on a performance task building rescue machines using simple machines as the basis. They have completed building and testing their machines. They now have to make calculations on the work and mechanical advantage of their rescue machines. Next week they will make a poster for their machines with diagrams and the included calculations. Posters will be due end of next week.

In Mr. Pasamba’s class students worked on a performance task to find the perfect swing set swing speed by adjusting different variables. They completed their investigation lab and now have to report their results using a graph to show the perfect swing speed. They have their data and it needs to be input into Excel. From there they will use the software to calculate the appropriate chain length to achieve the perfect swing speed. The final write on that lab will be due end of next week.


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