Week of March 17 – 21


This week was spent practicing for the assessment on Monday the 24th. Below are some practice materials for the assessment. We will also have a basic skills assessment on April 4th. Review materials are also posted below. The next unit is on Pythagoras Theorem or A squared + B squared = C squared. We will explore how this theorem was developed and its applications.

Functions Review


Basic Skills Review



We were finishing up our propaganda posters this week, and they are due today by 3pm for Mr. Burke, but Ms. Shull’s B and G blocks are not due until Tuesday. Most of the three periods this week were spent working on the posters and paragraphs. Below is the graphic organizer for the paragraph with example. This was provided to students this week in SI class. Next week we will be looking at advertising and the overlap of propaganda and advertising techniques. We will also learn about logo design and the messages that are sometimes hidden in company logos.

Graphic Organizer and Example


Social Studies

Students finished off the research to write their Minister speeches and had time in class to write the speeches. They are due tonight by 10pm for Ms. Villanueva and on Monday March 24th for Ms. Shull. In a separate post here, I provided some sentence frames to help structure the speeches. Not every sentence in the document needs to be completed. They are there to give students an idea of how to structure a strong persuasive speech. Students will be giving their speeches next week. We will take some time at the beginning of next week to practice the speeches in SI class. After the political party elections next week, students will pick their topics for the Advocating for Change unit that will last all of fourth quarter.


In Dr. Lacson’s class students spent time doing the calculations of the mechanical advantage, work and power of their rescue machines. The final poster for the groups with all of the diagrams and calculations is due Tuesday March 25th. They will also need to bring in 1.5 liter clear water/soda bottles to start the next unit on ecology. They will use those bottles to build a self-contained ecosystem.

In Mr. Pasamba’s class students have been working on finishing up a lab report for the performance task on building the perfect swing set. They needed to use the data from the lab to create an Excel spreadsheet that projects the perfect swing speed by adjusting the length of the chain. This lab report is due today in Google docs. Next week they will be learning about simple machines and how to calculate the mechanical advantage.


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