Week of March 24 – 28


This week in English was a nice exploration of advertising techniques and how advertisers try to create emotional responses to urge product purchase. They found it very informative, and hopefully it will make them more savvy consumers. Next week begins the Advocating for Change unit that will last for the remainder of the school year. Students will be told their topics and they will begin to investigate it through research. The goal is that by the end of the week, they will have a well developed research questions to focus their efforts around.


This week there was an assessment on functions, taking the MAP math test, and a review day for the upcoming basic skills assessment on Thursday or Friday of next week depending on block. Posted below are some review materials for the test with answers to check. Next week, student will be moving on to the next unit that focuses on using Pythagoras Theorem.



Social Studies

Students were busy updating and giving their speeches this week. Next week they will finish up giving their speeches and begin the Advocating for Change unit along with English. The multidisciplinary unit will be taught in both classes, with social studies class guiding most of the research. They will do research to help develop a research question for the unit. Also, next week are the political party elections. All of grade 8 will come together and hear the party leader speeches and then vote for the party with the most compelling platform. Should be fun!


In Mr. Pasamba’s class, students began to build their rescue machines for the next performance task. They will need to build a machine to accomplish a specific task using simple machines. They will then calculate the mechanical advantage of the machine to finish the task. Their machines will need to be built by the end of next week. Students need to remember to bring in any building materials they need.

In Dr. Lacson’s class, students have been learning about the different ecosystems and were required to bring in a 1.5L clear bottle to build their self-contained ecosystem. Over the next couple weeks they will observe their ecosystems as they grow and change. They will keep detailed logs and measurements to draw conclusions at the end of the unit.

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