Week of March 30 – April 3

Social Studies

In social studies, students have been introduced to their Advocating for Change (AFC) topics and have begun researching them to get a sense of the subtopics associated with their topics. They need to have formulated a research question by Tuesday March 31st and get approval from their topic advisers. Students can still update and change their research questions as late as April 13th once we return from break, but need to have them in a final draft to begin the formal research that week. I have posted below a guide on how to write their research question. Also, there is a very helpful AFC website that contains many of the required documents for the unit and resources to find research on the topics. Students should bookmark this website! Once we return, students are expected to work on the large amount of research they will need to understand their topic and research question. I suggest that students use the note card template 2 (Google Sheets) to keep track of their research. This can be found on the website here.


This week in math students have been introduced to linear equations and will begin to work on understanding the y-intercept formula of y=mx+b. I have posted below a self-paced lesson from Ms. Chung’s class that was assigned as homework for this week. Students can also go to Khan Academy to get extra practice and watch videos here.


This week students are in┬áthe final stages of building their “rescue machines” that harness simple machines to do the work of taking a load and transporting it to different locations in the classroom. When we return from break they will have to demonstrate how their machines work and be tested on if they can actually accomplish the tasks. After that, they will need to create a poster explaining their machine and doing the calculations for the machines mechanical advantage, work, and power. Here is the link to the performance task document that each student needs to complete along with the checklist for completing the poster. The poster will be due the week we return from break.


In English this week, class time was spent supporting the research question writing that was started in social studies classes. Students should have their completed research questions for AFC done and submitted to their topic advisers by Tuesday March 31st. Here is the document that needs to be completed and approved by their topic adviser. Next week after break students will start learning specific techniques used in advertising. They will then take an existing product and re-brand that product for a new target audience.

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