Week of April 13 – 17

Social Studies

Students have been given all of this week to research the Global Overview section of the Advocating for Change topics they were assigned. They need to have a minimum of ten note cards completed by this Friday April 17th at 3:00pm. The students are using a research template to collect their research. They have four sections to fill out on each note card. Often overlooked is the My Ideas section where they have to explain why the information they found is important and what further questions they have after learning this information. The research templates can be found on the AFC website here. Next week will continue with the research on Causes and Home Country Outlook sections of the research templates.


The English department decided to forgo the re-branding advertisement campaign in order to relieve some stress of beginning the AFC unit, and instead to use the next couple weeks to help support the research process. Students learned how to summarize, paraphrase, and cite their research to begin the week and then were given class time to work on using these skills on their note cards. Next week students will be given more class time to research their topics and have the chance to seek teacher support in completing the note cards.


This week in science students needed to finish building their Rescue Machines for the final performance task of the Power unit. They are creating a poster to explain their machine and use their knowledge of calculating work, power, and mechanical advantage to show how effective their machines are at reducing the effort force of moving a heavy load. I have posted the performance task document below for reference. The poster and completion of the machines is due this Friday April 17th. Students needing extra time can stay after with Mr. Pasamba until 5pm to get help with their Rescue Machine and calculations. Next week students will begin the ecology unit and will need to bring in a clear 2 liter bottle to make their ecology-columns. These will be self-contained ecosystems that they will create and make observations on for the remainder of the semester.

Download (PDF, 250KB)


When have learned about the slope of lines and have introduced the slope-intercept form of linear equations y=mx+b. Students have been given a chance to practice finding slope, x-intercepts, y-intercepts, and to then place that information in the slope-intercept form of a linear equation. Here are some links to Khan Academy for students that would like extra time to process the concepts for finding slope, and for using the slope-intercept form. Next week will be spent reinforcing these concepts of finding slope and using the slope-intercept form. Below are videos from Khan Academy to help with the concepts.



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